The People You Meet...

This is not a climbing blog! This blog is about people.

The people that have inspired me, helped me, and joined me in some shape or form on this incredible adventure.  Some of these people have dazzled me with their genius and art. Others have shared with me insights about how I can live. Others have devoted their life to helping others. Some have conquered mountains while others have built business empires. Some are great artists while others have entertained with their brilliant musical talents. One thing that they all have in common is that they are passionate, talented, and amazing people who have added colour to my life and have helped to gently shape the moments that make up the journey    both at work and at play.
Without the tremendous support of these people life would not be nearly as fascinating and mountains would be significantly higher.
This blog is my way of reflecting on my ‘mountaineering journey’. It’s not just the mountain but the mosaic people you meet along the way that make life such an incredible adventure.